Freight & Transportation Service for Motor Vehicles , Boats , Machinery

CLARION LOGISTICS PVT LTD is one of the prime logistics and forwarding company specialized in the movement any type and size of motor vehicles , motor bicycles , boats & light Heavy Machineries by Roll on Roll Off ( RO RO ) or in containers from worldwide destinations to Sri Lanka and other major export & import countries. With over 12 years experience in the industry, we manage the entire process to collect, transport, lash & Pack. Documentation and Freight up to the final destination.

Clarion Logistics Pvt Ltd , provides freight service for motor vehicles covering all 7 continents and major ports including Japan , Korea , China , Thailand . Singapore , Malaysia , Indonesia , Australia , New Zealand , India , Dubai , UK , Europe , USA. We make sure Safe arrival of vehicles to their destinations in the quickest available transits.

We have a growing number of global clients who import/export high value vehicles & all type of brand new and used brands Our clients value our expertise and benefit from our long-standing contacts in the industry with leading carriers.

Due to the rapid demand in the motor vehicle transportation industry understanding the customers requirements , Clarion every time innovate new ideas to the industry and we have introduced special type of containers and transportation methods to handle any size of vehicle to cut down the cost and delivery time.

Our Services are inclusive of local and international freight and transportation of vehicles by RO RO , Containers , Rail road and air and Transshipments.

Sea & Air Cargo consolidation / Deconsolidation

Clarion being a consolidator provides weekly Sea & Air cargo consolidation & de consolidation service between Sri Lanka and 10 other main destinations across the world especially with imports and exports buyers' consolidation cargo to officer JIT concept to the supply chain management.

Sea & Air Freight Forwarding

Establishing long term service contract for competitive freight rates with major Air lines and shipping line as a freight forwarder clarion is a specialised in providing freight forwards to the commodity traders who trade, Garments, Tea, Rubber, Palm oil, Computers, Electrical items and Lubricants are the main commodities our specialty.

Sea & Air Cargo Transhipment and Multi Country consolidation

Sri Lanka as a international shipping hub to the neighbor countries it has given us the opportunity to handle transshipment via Colombo and clarion offers weekly transshipment services for Full containers, Loose cargo and air freight mainly to Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Africa, Europe and USA. We provide the MCC service to add the value to transshipment cargo by way of repacking, reconsolidating, labeling for our customers to have the market advantage when they use Sri Lanka as a transshipment hub.

Cross Trade Shipping

Understanding the importance of the freight forwarder to the international traders to trade products with producers and buyers CLARION offers cross trade freight booking service to commodity traders arranging the best service and freight rates.

While sit & trade , the customers are able to promote their products to international customers to supply from other countries. 12 years of Our Experience of in the cross trade shipping service has helped to gain higher profits , capitalize in international market with the same brand name , continues supply to valuable buyers and many more advantages customers have achieved using our freight service.

Main intention is to give wider exposure to exporters and traders to market their products to the buyers. Shipping & logistics are able support in many ways within its legal frame work to achieve this objectives.

Our customers are Local and international commodity and other trading companies and exporters in Sri Lanka , Singapore , Malaysia , India , China , Middle East USA and Europe.

The services are includes , Port to Port Sea and Air Freight , Transshipment and value Addition & cargo re work services in Malaysia . Singapore and Dubai Free ports , Switch Bill of Ladings issue in Sri Lanka , Singapore , Malaysia or Dubai , Chamber Certificates and Certificates of Origin.

Competitive freight & reliable service with well experienced staff and net work of offices in all regions have further strengthened to maintain our credibility in the trade.

Order Monitoring & Cargo Tracking

The order monitoring system tracks the progress of and order from the movement by the buyer order to vender up to the arrival at destination warehouse and beyond. Depending on the requirement of the customer, status of the order can be updated daily electronically to customers in overseas.

Logistics & Distribution Management

Clarion has successfully emerged as a leading logistics & distribution operator. With our agency network we can offer effective logistics management of raw materials and sub materials for factories with other production centers and processing plan on just in time basis. It is equally well known in the management of the distribution of consumer products particularly brand name garments.

Container Haulage & Custom House Brokering

Clarion Logistics (Pvt) Ltd operates container haulage and custom hose agency service to our customers to minimize local handling cost of their imports and export products to meet requirements according to JIT concept.

Customer Services

In line with the need for up to date information flow, Clarion recognized customer require more than just knowing their shipments being effected. The customer services department provides a one stop point to contact for customers requiring further details relating to the complete chain of events in the progress of their orders.

Supply Chain Management

With experience Clarion in such advanced state of the art logistics provision in order monitoring and total physical distribution programs overseas buying organizations enjoy total solution to the problems in supply chain management.