Clarion Logistics (Pvt) Ltd was established in Colombo Sri Lanka to cater to the expanding needs for efficient logistics and distribution services in the Asia pacific region. The goal was to create a modern provider of complete non-vessel operated cargo solution for the shippers and consignees located in the other continents. From sea to airfreight to garment on hanger and courier services, Clarion continues to work hard to achieve this vision. Through our group and associate companies as well as our network partners across the region Clarion has risen to become a premier operator in the south Asia.

Today Clarion boasts a staff establishment of 35 professionals and network of offices spanning Colombo & UAE. IT plays a very important role in the logistics and distribution industry, without which the JIT (Just In Time) concept simply cannot become a reality for importers and retailers all over the world. Yet at the same time, this industry is very much a people's business. After all the monitoring of the progress of the production of orders and the physical handling of the cargoes have to be effected by people.

Clarion believes in the continual building of a professional team with the same proactive attitude and ever improving culture in the servicing the needs of its customers. Considerable investment in training and development of staff are made every year. As a result of this philosophy Clarion has experienced a very stable workforce over the year. Customers can expect that they will be dealing with the same team of staff for a long time. Of course the same team has grown in experience and expertise over the period. The senior management staffs of Clarion all have shares in the company. They together with most of the middle management staff have been with the company ever since its inception.